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The 2003 International Conference
on Ecology & Transportation
Lake Placid, New York

August 24–29, 2003
"Making Connections"

Making Connections

Conference Mission

ICOET is the only inter-agency event addressing the broad range of ecological issues related to surface transportation. Conducted every two years, ICOET showcases research results, applications, and best practices that improve the way ecological concerns are considered in the nation's surface transportation programs. In addition, the conference encourages the participation of the international community to share information about promising new research and lessons learned. The conference publishes a complete proceedings of papers presented in the technical program and poster sessions.

The ICOET 2003 theme, "Making Connections," provides multiple contexts for the conference. It refers first and foremost to the call to improve our understanding of the relationship between ecology and transportation – to understand the vital links, or connections, between our ecosystems and transportation systems that contribute ultimately to their success or failure. The theme also refers to the current, pressing need to restore habitat connectivity for the numerous species whose home ranges and migratory patterns have been disrupted by the construction of our transportation network. Habitat fragmentation has become an important issue because it can lead not only to species extirpation or extinction, but can also jeopardize human safety by increasing the number of animal-vehicle collisions. Finally, the theme underscores the importance of establishing strong, working partnerships among the agencies and organizations that share a responsibility for implementing ecologically sound practices in transportation programs.

New York State DOT is the host state agency for ICOET 2003.

The Center for Transportation and the Environment at NC State University serves as the lead conference organizer.