Objective Sponsors Final Agenda Proceedings Conference Facility Participants

The 2005 International Conference
on Ecology & Transportation
San Diego, CA

August 29 – September 2, 2005
Theme: “On The Road To Stewardship”

On The Road To Stewardship


(All photographs are at a screen resolution of 72 dpi. Click for a higher-resolution copy for print purposes.)

Coastal San Diego County Field Trip

SR-125 Vernal Pools (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

Cuymaca Ranco State Park (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

Inland San Diego County Field Trip

Mission Trails (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

San Ysidro Mountains (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

Johnson Canyon Vernal Pools (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

Dennery Canyon (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

General Transportation/Ecology Photos

California Route 5 near San Diego divides most of the San Elijo County Park and Ecological Reserve. The California Department of Transportation is considering extending the bridge over more of the park to allow better passage for wildlife and people in the park and reserve. (Courtesy of Bruce April, Caltrans)

Wildlife caution sign on a Canadian highway (Courtesy of CTE)

Wildlife overpass in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada (Courtesy of CTE)

Wildlife crossing underpass on a Canadian highway (Courtesy of CTE)

Elk near highway in Town of Banff, Alberta, Canada (Courtesy of CTE)