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The 2007 International Conference
on Ecology & Transportation
Little Rock, Arkansas

May 20-25, 2007
"Bridging the Gaps, Naturally"

Bridging the Gaps Naturally

Conference Mission

The mission of the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation is to identify and share quality research applications and best management practices that address wildlife, habitat, and ecosystem issues related to the delivery of surface transportation systems. ICOET is the primary forum for an international gathering of the foremost experts in the field of transportation development, related scientific study, and administrative processes that can enhance both the project development process and the ecological sustainability of transportation systems.

On May 20–25, 2007, researchers and practitioners from around the world converged in Little Rock, Arkansas, on the edge of the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains, to share information and experiences around the conference theme of "Bridging the Gaps, Naturally." The City of Little Rock and "The Natural State" of Arkansas provided outstanding accommodations and a magnificent natural environment for the conference. The Ozarks are renowned for their beautiful scenery, streams, and rivers, including the world famous Wild and Scenic Buffalo River, the magnificent White River National Wildlife Refuge, and the resorts at Hot Springs.

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Little Rock Chamber of Commerce extended a warm welcome to enjoy the unmatched professional exchange at ICOET, as well as the beautiful and fascinating scenic variety of Arkansas in the springtime.