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The 2007 International Conference
on Ecology & Transportation
Little Rock, Arkansas

May 20-25, 2007
"Bridging the Gaps, Naturally"

Bridging the Gaps Naturally

2007 Proceedings

Below are links to individual PDF files that comprise the complete proceedings of ICOET 2007. At the bottom of this page you'll also find a link to download the proceedings in a single PDF file and information on how to order the proceedings in print and CD-ROM copies.

Acknowledgements (PDF, 88 KB)

Message from the Conference Chair (PDF, 232 KB)

Table of Contents (PDF, 146 KB)

Coordination, Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance
Chapter 1, pages 11-40 (PDF, 985 KB)

Ecological Impacts of Other Modes
Chapter 2, pages 41-68 (PDF, 7.17 MB)

Ecological Mitigation Approaches and Performance
Chapter 3, pages 69-87 (PDF, 2.87 MB)
Chapter 3, pages 88-114 (PDF, 5.75 MB)

Fisheries, Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Quality
Chapter 4, pages 115-135 (PDF, 7.66 MB)
Chapter 4, pages 136-174 (PDF, 10.2 MB)
Chapter 4, pages 175-202 (PDF, 4.66 MB)

Roadside Management and Transportation Operations
Chapter 5, pages 203-228 (PDF, 5.49 MB)
Chapter 5, pages 229-248 (PDF, 4.69 MB)

Transportation and Conservation Planning
Ecosystem Approaches
Chapter 6, pages 249-266 (PDF, 683 KB)

Habitat Analysis Tools
Chapter 6, pages 267-310 (PDF, 9.54 MB)

State Connectivity Examples
Chapter 6, pages 311-354 (PDF, 9.70 MB)

Urban Examples
Chapter 6, pages 355-368 (PDF, 1.75 MB)

Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Amphibians and Reptiles
Chapter 7, pages 369-386 (PDF, 2.33 MB)

Data Surveys and Decision Support Guidelines
Chapter 7, pages 387-432 (PDF, 6.86 MB)

Large Animals and Ungulates
Chapter 7, pages 433-504 (PDF, 21.7 MB)

Multispecies Approaches
Chapter 7, pages 505-544 (PDF, 5.42 MB)

Small Mammals and Carnivores
Chapter 7, pages 545-566 (PDF, 2.53 MB)

Posters and Special Sessions
Poster Sessions, pages 567-640 (PDF, 3.41 MB)
Special Sessions, pages 641-652 (PDF, 490 KB)

Final Program, pages 653-660 (PDF, 266 KB)
List of Participants, pages 661-672 (PDF, 403 KB)
Author Index, pages 673-674 (PDF, 272 KB)

Download the complete ICOET 2007 Proceedings in a single file*. (PDF, 674 Pages, 139 MB)

*NOTE: A broadband Internet connection is recommended for downloading the single file due to its large file size. Download time may take several minutes using a dial-up connection.

Print and CD-ROM copies:
Printed copies of the ICOET 2007 proceedings may be ordered for $45 per copy, and CD-ROM copies are available free of charge while supplies last. If you are interested in ordering print or CD versions of the proceedings, please contact Walt Thomas at the Center for Transportation and Environment, (919) 515-8893 or wthomas@ncsu.edu.

Abstracts and Videos from the ICOET 2007conference sessions are also available online. View the ICOET 2007 Final Agenda for links to all available abstracts and video/audio media files.