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The 2009 International Conference
on Ecology & Transportation

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
Duluth, Minnesota

September 13-17, 2009

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2009 Proceedings

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Complete Document: ICOET 2009 Proceedings (PDF, 924 Pages, 49.5MB)

Individual Files:

Front Cover (PDF, 191MB)

Acknowledgements (PDF, 121KB)

Message from the Conference Chair (PDF, 180KB)

Table of Contents (PDF, 245KB)

Moving Toward Sustainability - Case Studies in Integrating Land Use, Conservation, Transportation, and Community Planning
Session 120, pages 11-46 (PDF, 2.45MB)

Climate Change - Understanding the Impacts and Developing Mitigation Strategies
Session 131, pages 47-93 (PDF, 1.45MB)

Citizen Science - Effective Strategies and Stakeholder Involvement
Session 132, pages 95-131 (PDF, 3.00MB)

Adapting Agency Relationships in a Changing Regulatory Environment
Session 141, pages 133-158 (PDF, 1.10MB)

Technical Tools for Integrating Ecological Considerations in Planning and Construction
Session 142, pages 159-205 (PDF, 1.25MB)

Advance Mitigation and Mitigation Banking Programs
Session 143, pages 207-237 (PDF, 1.22MB)

Integrating Ecology and Transportation Planning at the Landscape Scale
Session 211, pages 239-275 (PDF, 1.25MB)

Ecological Considerations for Planning and Designing Bridges
Session 212, pages 277-331 (PDF, 3.00MB)

Wildlife Habitat Connectivity - Innovative Tools and Techniques
Session 213, pages 333-365 (PDF, 1.87MB)

Wildlife Habitat Connectivity - Planning and Design
Session 221, pages 367-417 (PDF, 2.62MB)

Wetland Mitigation and Ecological Considerations for Stormwater Management
Session 222, pages 419-440 (PDF, 840KB)

Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions - Data Collection, Monitoring and Modeling
Session 223, pages 441-486 (PDF, 1.19MB)

Mitigating Highway Impacts on Ecosystems
Session 231, pages 487-538 (PDF, 2.78MB)

Improving Data Collection and Monitoring Methods
Session 232, pages 539-581 (PDF, 2.25MB)

Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions - Effective Mitigation Strategies
Session 233, pages 583-624 (PDF, 1.64MB)

The Economics of Mitigation and Cost-Effective Strategies
Session 411, pages 625-660 (PDF, 1.39MB)

Wildlife Crossings - Location and Design
Session 412, pages 661-715 (PDF, 2.06MB)

Integrating Ecological Considerations into Construction, Operations, and Maintenance
Session 421, pages 717-762 (PDF, 4.49MB)

FHWA's Eco-Logical Program - Case Studies
Session 422, pages 763-811 (PDF, 1.57MB)

Posters and Special Sessions
Poster Presentation Abstracts, pages 813-885 (PDF, 874KB)
Special Session - FHWA 2009 Environmental Excellence Awards, pages 887-890 (PDF, 874KB)

Final Program, pages 891-898 (PDF, 393KB)
List of Participants, pages 899-912 (PDF, 797KB)
Authors Index, pages 913-915 (PDF, 456KB)
Poster Displays - C. Slesar, T. Li, S. Jacobson, J. Smith, L. Sielecki, pages 917-921 (PDF, 5.58MB)

Sponsors and Co-Sponsors
Inside Back Cover - Official Sponsors and Contributing Organizations (PDF, 347KB)
Back Cover - Conference Co-Sponsors (PDF, 510KB)

Ordering Copies:

The ICOET 2009 Proceedings are published only in electronic PDF format. CD-ROM copies of the proceedings may be ordered for $25.00 USD each (includes shipping and handling) while supplies last.  If you are interested in ordering a CD-ROM copy, please contact Walt Thomas at the Center for Transportation and Environment, (919) 515-8893 or wthomas@ncsu.edu.


Abstracts for technical sessions are available from the links in the presentation titles found in the Final Agenda.


Several of the conference sessions and special events are available on video. These videos incorporate the PowerPoint presentations for the sessions and are available from the links in the session titles found in the Final Agenda.

You may also see a listing of all of the videos available from a single page.

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Participants List

Registered Participants (PDF: 367KB - landscape orientation)