2013 Conference Theme

ICOET 2013
Canyons, Crossroads, Connections
Meeting Today's Transportation Ecology Challenges
with Innovative Science & Sustainable Solutions

Transportation practitioners and researchers often encounter 'canyons' – challenging issues of such scale that, when first confronted, may seem impassable. Today we face challenges of acute fiscal constraint coupled with complex regulatory requirements and rising demand for accountability and cost-effectiveness. This makes the need for evidence-based transportation solutions particularly pointed. At the same time, our natural environment faces increasing pressures from societal and climate forces resulting in wildlife and habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation.

In navigating the decision-making 'crossroads' we forge the best routes through the canyons by implementing effective and sustainable responses that meet both transportation and ecosystem needs. This requires proven information, thoughtful preparation, innovative approaches, collaborative partnerships, and meaningful engagement with customers and communities. Making sound decisions builds the enduring 'connections' between transportation and ecology that deliver environmental, economic and quality of life benefits today and into the future.

For over a decade, ICOET has brought together innovative research applications and best practices to successfully address the 'canyons, crossroads, and connections' in ecology and transportation. Convening in the "Grand Canyon State" of Arizona, ICOET 2013 featured safe and sustainable solutions for our mobility needs that effectively support and enhance ecosystem function.