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Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation:
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Welcome to the PPPTE Web site and listserv! This site promotes the exchange of information and resources that support the development of public-private parnterships in transportation that enhance or restore critical natural resource values and ecological functions. Links and documents supporting the dialogue on this topic can be shared through this site. The results of this dialogue will be used initially to support a special panel session at ICOET 2007.

PPPTE Background

The U.S. Department of Transportation is considering public-private partnerships (PPPs) as a means to address the growing transportation needs of the future. USDOT hopes to attract private financing, and encourage innovative solutions from the private sector to decrease congestion and improve delivery times of public transportation projects.

The Federal Highway Administration will be hosting a workshop on public-private partnerships in February, 2007, in Washington DC. The USFWS has been asked to provide a senior FWS representative to serve on a panel to discuss environmental considerations for PPPs. Additionally, the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation will offer a special session at ICOET 2007, to be conducted May 20-25 in Little Rock, AR. Your participation will support these and future efforts.

This "team room" serves to provide a respository for information on PPPTE and to facilitate discussions among FWS policy and technical staff to identify and discuss issues to prepare the FWS representative for the panel presentation and Q&A. Your thoughts and contributions are greatly appreciated. (For more information, see "Why is PPP important to the USFWS?")

PPPTE Resources

  • FHWA Website on Public-Private Partnerships
  • Report to Congress - December 2004
  • States with Significant Legislation Supporting Public-Private Partnerships
  • The 2005 Urban Mobility Report (pdf, 151kb)
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